Headlines for Sept. 29, 2014

School retirement $ increase challenging
Written by David Schaef

Even though the school year is only about a month old, Conneaut School District leaders are looking ahead to next year’s budget figures which calls for a 4.44% increase in retirement funding, a statewide issue.

That increase could cost the district an additional $657,000 in rough terms, more than 3 mills of taxes.

The current year’s retirement employer contribution rate is set at 21.40%, which is costing the Conneaut School District over $550,000 - over 1/2 million dollars.

Next year’s employer contribution rate is pegged at 25.84%, the 4.44% increase.

The state determines the employer’s and employee’s rates of contribution, and as many know there is a state wide crisis in the retirement fund.

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Lake council may be facing law suit
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Lake Borough Council held its September public meeting with presiding board members Mike Krepps, Bill Eldridge, John Chuey, Dick Holabaugh, Mayor Timothy Kaider, Penny Monahan, Dwight Stallard and Billy Paris in attendance.

Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes and there were 2 citizens present. All stood to salute the American Flag.

Solicitor Jeff Millin mentioned a possible lawsuit against CL Borough by a woman alleging an injury, it is not clear whether it falls under the Municipal Authority or the Borough itself, and no details of the allegation were available.

The Borough maintains its own insurance policy and the matter will be handled through that policy.

For Public Comment, Sandy Eldridge stood to talk about the Conneaut Lake Garden Club, which maintains a garden in front of Our Lady Queen of Americas Catholic Church. They receive some of their funding from the W. PA Conservancy.

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22 living in township barn space issue
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Township held its September public meeting at a rescheduled time, with presiding board members Timothy Greig and Rick Kohler in attendance. George Greig was in attendance by telephone. Secretary Telce Varee took the minutes and there were 17 citizens present.

All stood to salute the American Flag.

Supervisor Rick Kohler announced that he would be resigning his post as Conneaut Township Supervisor as he is moving out of the township and will become ineligible to hold the position.

He would submit his letter of resignation under Correspondence, later in the meeting.

For Public Comment, several citizens stood to talk to the Board about a situation on Airport Road, Linesville.

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