Headlines for August 4, 2014

CL Park issues drag
Written by David Schaef

State: $17.00 more for Conneaut Schools

You’ve heard and, or seen, the reports out of Harrisburg about the increases in state support for schools. Note that the Conneaut School District is expected to receive a whopping $17.00 more in the basic education formula that helps to fund the schools.

Last year’s budget that ended June 30, lists the district as receiving $10,713,150.00 and is expected to receive, in the latest figures from the Pennsylvania Department of Education $10,713,167.00 - a $17.00 increase.

The Basic Education subsidy is the largest part of funding school districts receive from the state.

Figures were noted when the school district’s finance committee met in public session last Tuesday.

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Golf carts take center stage at police meeting
Written by Roseanne Staab

The hot button issue of golf carts being driven on township roadways was broached during the July meeting of the Conneaut Lake Regional Police Commission.

Those in attendance were Sadsbury Township Supervisors Lyle Hoovler, Kevin VanHonk and Bonnie Smith. Representing the Borough of Conneaut Lake were Borough Council President, Richard Holabaugh and Mayor Tim Kaider. Police Commission Secretary, Rose Mumau, was also present, as was Police Chief Todd Pfeifer.

The golf cart saga has been unfolding for quite some time and has to do with people operating the carts on township roadways. The action of doing so is illegal and the department has begun to crack down on the situation.

Chief Pfeifer explained that they do not give a violator a ticket the first time. The officers keep a warning log in which they record the names of offenders as well as the location, time and date. After a warning, if the person is spotted again driving a cart in an illegal manner, he/she might then receive an actual citation for the misdeed.

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