Headlines for July 21, 2014

CL Park issues drag
Written by David Schaef

Conneaut Lake Park issues continue to drag along.

Conneaut School Board members received a letter from the Crawford County Commissioners dated July 9, the date of school directors’ last meeting, with copies to Sadsbury and Summit Township supervisors, each township and school district lawyers, and members of the Conneaut Lake Park Board of Trustees entitled “The Matter of Conneaut Lake Park, the EPACC Plan and The Way Ahead”

The letter said, in part, “The Crawford County Commissioners share your respective concerns relative to back taxes, penalties, and the interest owed...Let us be unequivocal: the...Park...tax issue must be resolved to the satisfaction of our citizens...

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Conneaut Lake borough council contends with water runoff issues
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Lake Borough held their July public meeting with Council members Mike Krepps, Bill Eldridge, John Chuey, Dick Holabaugh, Mayor Timothy Kaider, Penny Monahan and Dwight Stallard in attendance. Councilman Billy Paris was absent. Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes and there were 5 citizens present.

A special meeting had been held prior to the regular meeting to discuss issues with the Conneaut Lake Municipal Authority whose members were present to discuss storm water management with the Council.

PA Act #167 regulates storm water run off for land usage, as changes in landscape, especially in urban or city areas, can cause accelerated water run off or alter the course of water run off, thus causing erosion, flooding and transport of pollutants.

The aging infrastructure of Conneaut Lake Borough is a concern, as there are leaks in the public system as well as sewer laterals from residences. There is also the matter of down spouts attached to homes that add excess water into the system. Drains inside basements with sump pumps hooked to them that discharge into the sewer system were also brought up.

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