Headlines for Apr. 14, 2014

AD, boys basketball coach positions filled
Written by David Schaef

The positions of administrative athletic director and head boys basketball coach positions have been filled at Conneaut Area Senior High School.

John Acklin, who had been filling as substitute athletic director since previous athletic director Brandon Crum resigned in November, and had served many years as athletic director at Linesville High School, was named to the position when Conneaut School Board Directors met in April voting session Wednesday, April 9, the meeting taking place at Conneaut Valley Middle School.

All nine of the directors were in attendance - Dr. Walter Thomas, Don Ellis, Jr., Brian Boyce, John Burnham, Kathy Klink, Dot Luckock, Cheryl Krachkowski, Jody Sperry, and David Schaef.

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Linesville borough council wants fire department services paid for when used
Written by David Schaef

Linesville Borough Council, meeting in April session, passed a resolution that authorizes the Linesville Volunteer Fire Department to invoice and bill third party users of emergency, fire, medical transport and accidental services for costs and expenses incurred.

Thus if the department is called out to fight a fire in the borough, remove water from property after a storm, come to a medical emergency, or respond to an automobile accident - services provided by the fire department - the resolution allows for billing.

The resolution says the Borough of Linesville endorses all prudent activities that they undertake to keep fiscally sound.

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Tire energy plant plans moving along
Written by Roseanne Staab

Greenwood Township supervisors held their April public meeting, with Supervisors Berk Bossard, Cecil Stevenson and Diane Adsit in attendance.

Secretary Donna Kean took the minutes and there were 3 interested citizens present.

The meeting was called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

The March meeting minutes and the minutes from a special meeting were all approved by una-nimous vote.

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