Fund balance to carry Conneaut
Written by David Schaef

With the state more than two months into the fiscal year that began July 1, and having no budget in place, the Conneaut School District finds itself in a very good financial position in that its fund balance will carry it into the 2016 year - probably end of February before finding it necessary to borrow money to cover expenses.

That is unlike a number of school districts in the state who are already looking to borrow money to cover expenses, or have already taken steps to borrow. One district, reportedly, has said it will pay only salaries at this point and make no purchases of any kind and pay no other bills.

Erie City School District, the largest district in northwestern Pennsylvania, according to reports elsewhere, might look at exploring a temporary shutdown or asking employees to work without pay due to the state budget impasse.

The Erie School Board has given permission to open a $30 million line of credit to cover day-to-day expenses that would carry it to the end of this year.

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Conneautville adopts International Property Maintenance Code
Written by Lisa Houserman

By a 3 to 2 vote, Conneautville Borough Council adopted the International Property Maintenance Code. Members of council who voted yes were Sue Joslin, Kenneth Hoovler and Henry Mead. Nays were Jerry Carless and Tim Prince. Councilwoman Paula Fields was absent from the meeting and Council President Gene Bocan did not vote.

The energy for adopting the code at this meeting, as compared to last month, appeared to be fueled by a positive influence put forth by residents in attendance. Primarily the ongoing issue of a resident named Dan who is running a business on his property and is, according to neighbors, collecting junk cars, etc., led to many residents wanting to see the code in place.

The feeling was that by doing so, it would aid in utilizing the court system in a more potent manner.

On the note of Dan, many who were on hand had come to discuss that particular situation and to provide council with pictures and testimony.

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Sewage seepage Lake council issue
Written by Roseanne Staab

Conneaut Lake Borough Council held its September public meeting with Chairman Dick Holabaugh leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. Council members Bill Eldridge, John Chuey, Mayor Timothy Kaider, Mike Krepps, Dwight Stallard and Penny Monahan were present. Councilman Billy Paris was absent. Secretary Kathryn Spencer took the minutes and there were 5 citizens present.

Chairman Holabaugh announced an item listed at the top of the meeting agenda, directing the public to keep all comments within the Visitor Recognition slot on the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. The public is being asked not to interrupt the meeting while Council conducts the business portion of the meeting.

Some Council members stated they will stay to talk after the meeting if the public feels an issue has not been resolved fully.

For Public Comment, several citizens asked Council to address the alleged sewage seepage issue at Fireman’s Beach. They asked about test results for water samples that had been sent to Freecol Labs.

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Summerhill objects to Lake Erie zone expansion idea
Written by David Schaef

Summerhill Township held the September public meeting with Supervisor Duane Anew leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. Supervisors Bob Arendash and David Johns were in attendance and Secretary Brenda Braden took the minutes. There were 7 citizens present.

The August meeting minutes were unanimously approved, along with the Treasurer’s Report.

For Public Comment, Zack Norwood, Deputy Director from Crawford County Planning Commission, and Dave Skellie from CRM, stood to talk to the Board about the proposed Lake Erie Coastal Zone Expansion Project.

Norwood and Skellie stated that this is a funding source that provides grant money to municipalities who sign on and agree with coastal zone expansion. A map will then be reconfigured to show the new Lake Erie Coastal Zone, which extends south into Summit Township.

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