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Written by David Schaef   
Monday, 13 August 2012 00:00

A fourth kindergarten teacher will be added to Conneaut Valley Elementary School staff when classes begin later this month, the Conneaut School Board of Directors voting at its meeting Wednesday evening to increase the number of the teaching staff.

Concerns had been expressed at the school director's work session the week before by three parents in the Conneaut Valley Elementary that current numbers made the three classes planned in the 23 per class size.

There was concern that more students may be coming in to the classes when schools open Aug. 29 for students, especially based on past events in the Linesville area who seemed to experience an influx of kindergarten students at the start of each school year where signup numbers at the Conneaut Lake and Conneaut Valley areas were more stable.

Linesville K - 4 students have been split between Conneaut Valley and Conneaut Lake K - 4 Elementary Schools under the school district's new attendance setup.

Even by going to a fourth CVE kindergarten class, per class numbers would average about 18 per class at current numbers.

Sixty-nine kindergarten students are currently signed up for the CVE K - 4 school, an average of 23 per class, the fourth class reducing that to 17/18, a more manageable number to teach.

School director Dr. Carol Bocan made the motion to put the adding of a fourth section on the agenda and Kathy Hootman made the motion to actually add the fourth section. The vote was 9 -0 in favor.

The school year will begin on August 29 for students in the Conneaut District with the school directors approving changes in the previously approved calendar. One change was to drop an Act 80 day on Sept. 28 and another was to change graduation from Saturday at 1 p .m. to Friday night at 7 p.m

School director David Schaef opposed the graduation date and time change, saying he would watching to see if more teaching staff members attended on Friday night as senior high school principal Sharon Sielski claimed would occur in a speech to the board last month. Schaef said he would be watching to see if 90% or more attended.

He also took issue with the statement that senior high music teacher Ralph Egyud made that month earlier that because nearly everyone else in the area is holding graduations during weekday evenings , Conneaut should do the same.

Schaef opined that doesn't mean Conneaut should do the same. Schaef had noted the two of the three high schools in Conneaut had graduated on Saturdays and thought it made it easier for families to attend graduations.

Schaef also said he thought the proposal for a Friday evening graduation was made for the personal convenience of some staff.

The school directors approved the resignation of Myrna Young as secretary at the high school. with appreciation for her 52 years of service and best wishes for her retirement. The resignation becomes effective August 24.

Jeff Hans was appointed assistant athletic director at Lake Middle School as was Pam Snider at Valley Middle School.