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Written by David Schaef   
Monday, 06 August 2012 00:00

The number of kindergarten students at Conneaut Valley Elementary School was questioned by three speakers at the Conneaut School Board meeting Wednesday evening.

Currently three sections are planned at the school with numbers in each class at 21/22 per classroom.

That is too many said the speakers with one noting that when the Better Utilization of School Space curriculum committee meetings were held in the past year that 20 was the recommended high number. The speakers urged adding a fourth classroom.

Board member David Schaef noted that traditionally a large number of unsigned kindergarten students tend to come into the Linesville area when the school year starts as opposed to the numbers signed up in the Conneaut Lake and Conneaut Valley areas.

Will that hold true and increase numbers of students now that Linesville's Alice Schafer Elementary students are going to school at the Lake and Valley Elementary Schools under the school district's new setup plan, he wondered?

School board members took the comments under advisement. Present at the meeting were Dr. Walter Thomas, Don Ellis, Jr., Kathy Hootman, Gina McCauley, Dr. Carol Bocan, Brian Boyce, and David Schaef. Absent were Jody Sperry and Lorri Drumm.

Another major item of discussion at the work session was the middle school class schedules for grades 5 - 8. Board member Gina McCauley had many questions and comments regarding the schedules wondering what tutorial and advisory classes covered and if the middle school students were getting as much language arts class time as they did a year ago.

McCauley also objected to a recess time in the schedule for grades 7 and 8 even though it was pointed out that research shows time for that age group to be beneficial. She supported recess for 5th and 6th graders.

Principals attempted to explain the class schedules. It was noted the two middle school principals, along with the school superintendent and others, visited Titusville Middle School recently to talk to them about their 5 - 8 grade setup. Jarrin Sperry noted they were told it took several years before concerns were worked out and to reach the point they have now.. Sperry pointed out the middle school is a new concept for this school district and time is needed to evaluate, adjust.

It was announced the district will continue its coaches professional development workshops with one to be held August 9, prior to the start of the formal fall workout schedule.

It was proposed to do away with the school district's season pass tickets whereby a senior citizen paid $5 for a fall season, spring season, or winter season pass that was good at all the home sporting events for that season. Few people used the passes. Only 2 or 3 were sold at Linesville. Proposed was to charge senior citizens $1.00 a home game and to no longer honor any past senior citizen passes,

The running of activity buses after school starts to take students from the high school in Linesville to Lake and Valley Middle Schools was also discussed with efforts to be made to see how many might use them once school starts..